Безвозмездное донорство

Сдайте кровь. Подарите жизнь!

Пн.-Пт.: 8:00 - 16:02
Выходные: Сб-Вс

Запись на донацию с 8.00 до 16.02



"Donors who have passed at least 40 blood donations and plasma, white blood cells, platelets - at least 80 donations, given the" Honorary donor of the Republic of Belarus. "

Donors that have an "Honorary donor of the Republic of Belarus", provided the following assurances:

  • extraordinary service in public health;
  • at retirement for medical assistance in the departmental health care organizations in which they served until retirement, unless otherwise stipulated by legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus;
  • labor holiday (vacation) in the summer or other convenient time;
  • priority to purchase tickets for rail, air, water, road transport;
  • increase of pension on reaching the normal retirement age in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Belarus on pensions.

Donors marks awarded "Honorary donor of the USSR" and "Honorary Donor Red Cross Society of the BSSR" enjoy all the guarantees provided donors with "Honorary donor of the Republic of Belarus". "