Безвозмездное донорство

Сдайте кровь. Подарите жизнь!

Горячая телефонная линия (0232)53-14-72

Пн.-Пт.: с 15:00 до 16:00




preliminary registration for blood donation is carried out daily with personal contact, you can sign up:
- At the reception from 8:00 to 16:02 (Ilyicha st., 286 "B")
- By phone: 8 (0232) 53-98-32, 8 (0232) 53-98-14
- Through the
electronic form of communication, a preliminary registration for donating blood is made, only on a FREE BASIS

Acceptance of donors for free blood donation
- Carried out from 8:00 to 14:00 daily
- You should have your passport and necessary medical documents with you.

Required information:

- Certificate form "About average daily earnings" (for compensation payments). You can download it
- A list of other references, available in the Donors section

Cashier opening hours: from 8:00 to 16:20; lunch from 12:00 to 12:20

In one cartoon animals speak a little boy: "We're the same blood!" Of course, this phrase was rather symbolic. It means a higher degree of kinship. As noble as these animals are the man! The men, as brothers and sisters, all of the nobility often overlooked.

Nobility - good relationship. Did we forget about the high calling of man to do good deeds? Do we regret his blood brother or sister? Of course, not regret. Perhaps we just do not know that now at this time our blood someone really needed! And if you know, if you just think about it, of course, we will not hesitate.

Every third inhabitant of the earth once in your life needs a blood donor. Hemophiliacs can not live without regular blood transfusions. Cancer care also requires it in large quantities. Women lose blood during delivery. And in order to save the mother of a newborn baby sometimes blood is required very quickly.

There are other cases where the blood is needed. And the question of its presence, without any allusions, is vital. We can be happy that we have never heard the names of many serious diseases. But how miserable are those who know them too well. And these people's lives depends on our willingness to come and donate blood.

Sometimes fate brings us to the border. Man does not know which side will be. Perhaps we will come to a happy and prosperous part of the station transfusion for 30 minutes. And soon leave, just without some of the blood. On the other side, where the suffering is an integral part of being a person can live. He will be able to fully recover or to alleviate their suffering. Just because he was a brother or sister, donated his own blood. Good relationship ... just the way it manifests itself.

In every city there is blood transfusion. And most people are free to donate their blood. The only question is desired. Do we have the desire to do something for others? In answering this question does not need to think about the abstract humanity. Let's think about a particular person. Of a sick child, the suffering women or men, as to who might be our sister or brother. Now they need our help. If we think so, our choices become obvious.

As a result, we will spend some personal time. And we have a little drop of blood. But per life saved will be more. Is this not the purpose of human life? Is not it a good thing that we can do? And who knows who we can help more. Maybe it's a noble cause, and one day will save us.

"We're the same blood" - this phrase saved person can say all of us. Anyone who has ever shared his blood with the other. Everyone who has a donor.